Nationwide Background Checks & Investigations

Professionally developed for the consumer screening services for the individual that wants to perform criminal & civil searches in a simple, thorough and up-to-date national background check. It's best to be in the know.

Comprehensive Background Check

Check Out a Date Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Locate Missing Persons


Fraud Prevention - Investigations Established by a Retired Federal Agent.

Additional Searches

Asset Search & Discovery

When you place an order, our private investigators will begin a comprehensive search using multi-level reporting from government agencies, proprietary & private sources, public & non-public records.

Attorney Support & Litigation

Asset search & discovery, litigation support, witness location, missing trust beneficiaries and bank accounts (must be GLBA compliant).

Recent News

The Cyber Action Team

Group of rapid deployment cyber experts respond to major computer intrusions.

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Ransomware on the Rise

The malware’s use is increasing, but the FBI and partners are working to combat this cyber threat.

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FBI Seeking Tech Experts to Become Cyber Special Agents

The FBI is recruiting the best technical talent to join the ranks of cyber special agents.

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Cyber Crime: Purchase Order Scam Leaves a Trail of Victims

African cyber criminals have devised a scheme that has cost U.S. retailers millions.

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Cyber Security: Task Force Takes ‘Whole Government’ Approach

A look at how the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force confronts the cyber threat.

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