11 Obvious Reasons You Need to Search your date: Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Boyfriend Girlfriend

Americans lose millions of dollars to online dating scams each year. Run a background check before its too late.
Since the beginning of time, people have been misrepresenting themselves to seem more attractive to others. However, the internet has created incredible new opportunities for dishonesty and fraud. Running a background check using Backgroundverify.com is an easy way to gain peace of mind.
You may think that running a background check is the least romantic thing that you could do. We absolutely disagree. In fact, we can easily think of eleven things that are less romantic and more dangerous than running a background check on a potential date:
1. Going on a date with a married person who claims to be single.
2. Falling in love with an imaginary person.
3. A date with a history of sexual violence.
4. A date with a history of domestic violence.
5. Dating a deadbeat dad or deadbeat mom.
6. Catfishing.
7. Finding out your spouse is online and trying to date other people.
8. Dating someone who is bankrupt, or only interested in your money.
9. Going on a date only to be robbed or victimized.
10. Finding out that your date has children that they don’t admit to.
11. Dating a convicted felon.
These are some of the many ways internet dating creates opportunities for abuse. Unlike traditional dating scenarios, when you meet someone online you rarely have a common group of friends to identify red flags. Instead, with online dating, you are only left with your judgment.
“I had met a very shy guy online who was reluctant to tell me personal information. I searched Backgroundverify.com and it turns out he had lied to me about where he lived and his actual age. You really just never know!
Background checks can help avoid the list of dating horrors above. Using Backgroundverify.com, you can run a background check to find out important information about a potential date. A quick search can you provide information about marriages and divorces, and determine whether someone is actually single. A search can help you determine whether someone actually exists or is just creating or stealing another persona (while some people may have a minimal public record presence, few real people will have no public record). This will prevent you from being catfished, where people steal others’ identities to create dating profiles.
Backgroundverify’s Comprehensive Background check can reveal convictions for sexual assaults and domestic violence, and sometimes arrests for those crimes that did not lead to convictions. A search of civil records can help you find out if a person has children, and if they are current in their obligations towards those children. A Backgroundverify background check that reveals a history of fraud or property offense may be a red flag that a potential date is interested in your money, not in you as a person.
Try it yourself and see what you find out. Who knows you may find new things or at least confirm what you already known, click here.

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