Professionally developed for instant screening & services for the individual/consumer that wants to perform their own criminal & civil searches in a simple, thorough and up-to-date computerized background check.

1. What is a background check?

A background check is a view into a person’s possible past criminal behavior as recorded in public information databases and/or court records.

2. Why should I do a background check?

In today’s world, there are, unfortunately, individuals that do not have your best interests at heart. So it is important that you take precautions to reduce your risk. Requesting a background check from Backgroundverify.com is one of the things that can help reduce risks.

3. What will a background check reveal?

The comprehensive background check will search queries criminal databases from all 50 states, the federal courts, the national sex offender registry, the government global watch lists and more. See what you will get under purchase details.

4. How long does the background check take?

Normally, search results are emailed to you in within 1 business day or less. The Backgroundverify research team reviews criminal record ‘hits’, so this process takes a little time.

5. Is the background check accurate?

The background check is based on the information that you provide. Any criminal records that may be found are reviewed by the backgroundverify research team.

6. What information does Backgorrundverify need to do a background check?

Ideally, Backgorundverify needs the person’s full name (including middle initial), the date of birth and address including city and state. Any additional information such as ethnicity, work history, etc. is also helpful. If you do not have all the information, complete the search request with the information available and we’ll do the rest. After all we are investigators.

7. How can I find out a ‘date of birth’?

You should not be shy or embarrassed to ask for the person’s date of birth, age, birthplace and so forth. However, if you don’t know it, it’s OK just give us an approximate age.

8. If a person’s background check comes back with ‘No Record”, is the person safe?

The background check is one part of keeping yourself safe. While a ‘No Record’ is a positive sign, it does not guarantee absolute safety and you should always continue to use common sense when meeting someone or as the relationship progresses. Follow your instincts; if something does not feel quite right, back off until the issue is resolved.

9. In addition to a background check, what else should I do?

Backgroundverify recommends you exercise common sense. The more information you can gather, the better evaluation you can make.

10. Can I do a background check myself?

You can certainly check public record databases and court records yourself, but it is a time consuming endeavor and you don’t have the tools to access some private information and may not be familiar with the legal language used. Backgorundverify makes background checks easy, inexpensive and you can rely on the integrity of the owner (Retired federal agent)) and the trained Backgroundverify research team.

11. Will the person checked know about the background check?


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