How to find out what’s on your background check digital footprint?

How to find out what’s on your background check and digital footprint?

March 9, 2019

In the age of internet, it’s reasonable to wonder what kind of information others can dig up about your background. And not just talking about old, racist tweets, bizarre postings on Facebook as well. Truth is, we live in a time when even some of our most sensitive information is readily available to the public, often at the click of a mouse. And if you’ve ever applied for a job, changed insurance companies, gotten a new utility provider, applied for a new apartment, found a new boyfriend or girlfriend then chances are someone has checked your background.

A background check isn’t just about criminal records anymore, it’s about your civil records as well such as judgments, liens, bankruptcies and lawsuits.


Thankfully, it’s easy to learn what these searches could potentially dig up on you. And if you’re at all worried, it’s not a bad idea to get ahead of the game by doing one on yourself first, so you can review the reports closely and dispute any suspected inaccuracies. You can order a secure and private comprehensive background check from


Ahead, we outline a few of the different scenarios in which you might get your background checked:


New boyfriend or girlfriend


You just met that new boyfriend or girlfriend. Are you on a sex offender list?



You just filled out a tenant application. Have you been evicted?


Did you just apply for a new job?


Did you just apply to be a volunteer for an organization?

Insurance Companies

Did you just apply for new insurance?

Banks & Credit Unions

Did you apply for a new account or credit? Are you on US global lists?

And more………

Get the jump and run a self-background check at

“It’s best to be in the know.”

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